Playing on Your Smart Phone? Get Productive

Playing on Your Smart Phone? Get Productive

Mobile gaming has become an addiction to a lot of people. True, games are entertaining and are a great pastime. However, this adds to one of the biggest problems people face today: time management. We are counting every minute of the day just to stay productive and competitive because we realized that this is definitely not a world for those who waste time.

Today, we are going to talk about the power your smartphone holds as an essential tool for potential success in life, or at least a tool for an attempt to make something out of your time.

There is no question that smart phones have created great ways to keep people entertained, or occupied. Whether you play Candy Crush, PUBG or all kinds of applications that are meant to help us kill time and have fun. But you need to realize that other forms of applications can potentially bring you financial success, and also help you kill the time.

While you play video games, someone else is working hard to increase his/her income or conduct business in one way or another. Those who make productive use of their time whether using their smartphones or computers are the ones that will achieve better results in life. It’s a simple equation, those who spend more time looking for success, are bound to find it faster than those who do not.

An example would be online trading. No game can match the excitement of watching your investments in real-time and learning about economic events and their impact both through official research and user-generated content.

Despite the initial feeling that you might be getting into a very complicated universe where you know nothing, consider the thought that you only grow outside your comfort zone – embarking on a new journey and learning along the way.

If you believe that online trading suits you, try it out with a demo account. You can develop your techniques of when to get into a position and when to get out. Most seasoned stock market investors synthesize a very disciplined process and strictly follow it and eventually know when to close out a position. You can trade just a few stocks in a particular sector or market for about a month and any basic application would be able to calculate what you make and lose each day.

If Others Can Do it…

We are now seeing success stories for online traders who are extremely young, but they are already earning thousands every month. Despite the stock market seeming like a complex and mysterious place for people to make money, the truth is that all things that are worth your time are also difficult to learn.

Unfortunately, jumping straight into online trading can often come with disappointments and loss of money – this is the main reason why you as a young trader need to learn to trade, rather than trading to learn.

If you trade to learn, you are more likely to get discouraged by financial losses, while learning to trade is going to allow you to make calculated and informed decisions.

Online trading applications have made it possible for a large number of young people to start creating wealth from anywhere on any smart device. It allows them to stop working for their money and turning that hard earned cash into bigger digits.

Start with Minimal Risk

  1. Start with a practice account, follow the news and make informed decisions to the best of your ability (you will only lose virtual money) and try to learn from your mistakes
  2. Watch a video series about how to trade the stock market, follow high-profile traders and learn from the best. There are multiple Facebook groups, online forums and communities that exchange knowledge amongst themselves to help everyone make profit at the stock market
  3. Once you feel you are ready, start out small and grow your account as you gain the confidence and needed experience to make informed decisions

Don’t wait until tomorrow to attempt to be more productive with your time. Start today, and leave the entertainment for later – leave it for that day when you can afford it, and when you can finally move away from the 9 to 5 life, work hard and exit your comfort zone.

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