Five Ways to Adjust to a Corporate Life

Five Ways to Adjust to a Corporate Life

By By Mina Ayoub, Communications Executive at EFG Hermes.

Entering the corporate world is an adjustment, whether you’re a fresh grad or a professional whose career began at a startup or family business, you’ll find that the transition can be tricky.

The corporate world might seem like it’s a difficult environment to navigate with all the deadlines, different management styles and office politics, but if you have vision, clarity of thought, determination, creativity and you put in the work, you will be able to adapt to any corporate culture and excel in your career with ease.

Don’t be intimidated by the hustle and bustle of corporations, remember that everyone at the company was once where you currently are, after all, we all start somewhere.

Here are five tips to help you ace your adjustment period:

  1. Take it one day at a time: You’re not expected to hit the ground running. Take your time to understand the new culture, know your colleagues, and familiarize yourself with the work. Corporate life might seem scary from the outside, but it’s just a matter of getting accustomed to the new environment, and remember, don’t compare yourself to other employees who have been there longer than you have.
  2. Don’t be above small talk: It might not be your cup of tea and could feel forced, but small talk helps break the ice and introduce you to your new colleagues. This way you’ll get to know the people you’ll spend most of your time with, and it’ll allow them to get to know you too. Small talk will set the foundation you need to get accustomed to your surroundings and pave the way to deeper and more interesting conversations.
  3. Leave your baggage at home: Whatever’s happening at home, it’s best to leave it at the door. Try not to let the personal impact the professional as it could put the brakes on adjusting as quickly as you want. Go to the office with a positive, can-do attitude, and you’ll find that it will become a welcomed break from everything else that’s going on with you.
  4. Find your routine: Even if you don’t enjoy it, having a schedule will help you manage your days, tasks, and life in general, easier. Organize your mornings by preparing your outfit and packing your lunch beforehand to start your day. This will help you get to work on time without rushing and stay relaxed for the rest of your day. Make sure to break your routine from time to time, especially on weekends, so you don’t get bored of the repetition.
  5. Work smart: Getting far in the corporate world isn’t about working 12 hours per day or pulling all-nighters in the office. By working smart, knowing how to utilize your time and energy, and optimizing the tools you’re given, you can finish many tasks in a short amount of time. Also, don’t be afraid to ask, by asking questions you’re showing that you’re interested in learning. Ultimately, accumulating knowledge and channeling it in the right avenues will help you get noticed by management and grow into bigger and more important roles in your new company.

Remember why you’re doing this, why you decided to venture into a corporation, whether you’re following career goals, supporting your family, or working to save money for a passion project, keep your eyes on the prize. It may be a day-in-day-out grind on some days, but in the long run, you will look back and be thankful your past-self set up present- and future-you for success.