Six Ways to Find Daily Inspiration

April 7, 2019, Ideas, Lifestyle

With all the tasks that litter your to-do lists, it’s no wonder you might be overwhelmed and uninspired. From meetings to conferences to the unread emails in your inbox, priorities at work often take up the lion’s share of your brain. Feeling inspired, be that at work or in your personal lives, is an afterthought […]

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Eight Tips for Effective Self-Study

March 12, 2019, Lifestyle

By: EFG Hermes Media In today’s world, we often forget that our tablets, smartphones, and computers aren’t just ways to scroll our days away, but are actually useful tools for self-education — a key plank in growing our career ambitions and personal ones. Be it looking to expand your financial knowledge, polish your presentation skills, […]

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The Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector is Irreversible

March 11, 2019, Finance

Author: Luiza Buserska Co-author: Laurent Tabouelle The financial sector is experiencing serious changes – legislative, technological, related to the new customer expectations, vigorous competition, and so on. The aggressive competition of new entrants, surfing the “Fintech” wave, provided firms with incentives to deliver what customers need as efficiently and innovatively as possible. Challenges are clear […]

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The New Consumer: How are companies winning and keeping customers in a tougher economic environment?

March 4, 2019, Consumer, Research

This post consists of notes from panel discussions at the 2019 EFG Hermes One on One conference in Dubai, UAE The morning’s second panel centered on that classical hallmark of emerging markets: The consumer economy and how companies are leveraging technology to build out new infrastructure, create strategies, and develop new ways to meet their […]

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