What you need to know about Marketing Automation

February 7, 2023, Business, Communication, Consumer, Ideas

Author: Mohamed Sayed Fathy – Chief Information Officer, IT at EFG Hermes  What is Marketing Automation? Marketing automation refers to the use of tech tools that have the ability to guide the automation of various marketing processes rather than handling them manually. It constitutes the use of technology-enabled tools to manage marketing processes and strategically […]

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The Fundamentals of Winning the Fintech Game

November 8, 2020, Business, Communication, Consumer, Finance, Ideas, Information Technology, Micro Finance, NBFIs

By Aly Dabbous, EFG Hermes IT The FinTech landscape is evolving very rapidly in Egypt, and with that evolvement comes winners and losers. Startups will cause disruption for incumbents, but they will be limited in what they can achieve due to regulations, resources, and competition from bigger, more dominant financial institutions. Meanwhile, incumbents may enjoy […]

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Towards Big Data

October 12, 2020, Communication, Consumer, Ideas

Author: Rana el Sharqawy – IT Department at EFG Hermes.     Have you ever wondered what Big Data is, or what makes data “big”? Why are organizations currently becoming more analytical and data driven? What triggered the current boom of the data science concept and what should a data scientist be like? We’re about […]

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